Arthur Becker has continued to establish himself as an authority in the real estate industry. Over the years, he has invested in different properties, including a Washington Street luxurious condominium. The eight-unit property is valued at over $52.5 million. The former stockbroker at Bear Steams made a name for himself as an investor by buying dozens of tech firms at the turn of the century. Most of these firms have become into global brands, thus earning Becker millions of dollars in returns.

Ancient currency collectors are spread across the globe. Most of them collect the coins for investment purposes or as passion. Becker collects the ancient coins to have sculptures curved on them. Most of his currencies come from Cameroon and Nigeria. Some of them have been estimated to be over a thousand years old. In order to expand this business, the real estate investor is planning to establish two reproduction facilities in Boston. He notes that ancient currencies are a reflection of the ancient societies’ gods. The gods provided them with hope, security, and romance. This information was originally reported on The Real Deal as provided in this link

Becker has also invested heavily on origami money board. His office is filled with sculptures of euro and dollar notes. What is common among the sculptures is that they depict contorted cash. Moreover, his gold bars are stacked like origami animals and Jenga pieces. According to, one of his favorite sculptures is the ‘cash cow.’ He notes that this metaphor is commonly used in the financial sector.

In his 30s, Becker invested in a macadamia nut farm in Hawaii. Arthur and his invested about $4 million into the farm. They also constructed about 10 orchards with homes. Later, the duo sold the farm to Mrs. Fields Cookies for over $10 million dollars.

About Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker is a tech-investor turned real estate investor. The entrepreneur is the former chief executive officer of Zinio LLC. In addition, he worked for NaviSite as the CEO. He is also one of the founders of Atlantic Investors LLC.

Becker has also worked as a senior advisor to the Vera Wang Fashion Company, reveals NY Daily News. The executive is a managing partner at Madison Partners, The shrewd entrepreneur is an alumnus of Amos Tuck Graduate School of Business in Dartmouth and Bennington College, Vermont.