After the 2008 financial crisis, the real estate market took a major hit. The foreclosure rate rose to an unprecedented level nationwide. Baltimore was no exception to this demoralizing financial impact.

For Baltimore, the right thing to do was for law makers to pass state legislation for new laws governing foreclosures, in order to reduce the impact on homeowners and the real estate market. It appears as though the right decision was made since the median home sales were elevated within Baltimore and its neighboring counties. Recent sales have risen to an impressive six percent, which is the highest number before the 2008 financial collapse.

Todd Lubar sees this as a step in the right direction for Baltimore and he is the right businessman to help repair the financial damage.

In 1995, Todd graduated from Syracuse University. At that time, he had no way of knowing that one day he would be a major contributor in helping of one of the most financial devastation’s in history. When he received his bachelor’s degree, Todd already believed that his career would be in the real estate market in some manner. With his business education, Todd successfully secured a position as a loan originator with Crestar Mortgage Corporation, later acquired by SunTrust Mortgage. It was there that Todd learned the basics of the mortgage industry and acquired a great deal of experience. Todd became a subject matter expert in mortgage banking and established himself as a high-achieving businessman.

Because of his experience and dedication to his field, within only 12 years, Todd was able to start his own business enterprise and formed Legendary Financial LLC. The company grew and became nationally known for being an investment leader in the financial network of lenders. The Maryland based company was successful in consistently achieving over $100 million in yearly loans.

Legendary Financial LLC established Todd as a successful businessman and mortgage expert. The success of the company allowed Todd to become involved in over 7000 real estate and lending dealings.

Throughout all of his business enterprises, Todd has remained humble with his high-level business status. He has been able to focus much of his attention in helping individuals reach the dream of owning a home. Todd is able to use a non-traditional approach for lending abilities unlike many others within his field. As a Potomac Maryland resident, his roots are firmly planted for using the core-knowledge of the lending industry and assisting many individuals impacted by the 2008 crisis to get back into home ownership.

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