JHSF Real Estate Company ranks in top in Brazil. Founded in 1972, JHSF Company has been expanding its real estate business. JHSF focuses in developing residential and commercial properties. The organization has been introducing sustainable alternative solutions within its developments and projects. They specialize in residential and industrial incorporation, the development and administration of luxury lodges, luxury retail stores, shopping centres, and also and business airport terminal.

In developing the JHSF company, the directors have focused in establishing investments in capitals like Salvador, Manaus São Paulo and internationally in Punta del Este (Uruguay), Miami (USA) and New York (USA). The corporation has around 5000 staff and they purpose to go to that the high income people. The company has 4 business units: mall, Incorporation, Fasano lodge & dining establishments and Airport. They possess star design commercial buildings and now rents out almost all of the current premises like a company plan.

José Auriemo Neto is the CEO and the president of JHSF. He is referred to as the brand new king in high-end Sao Paulo. He did his degree program at Sao Paulo’s Fundação Armando ÁlvaresPenteado (FAAP) University. Mr. Auriemo additionally serves as the chair of JHSF’s directors’ board. He commenced working using JHSF in 1993. Jose presumed the CEO post at JHSF in 2004 after he led the construction of the biggest real estate complex in the nation. This high-end elaborate development has been done within an 80,000-square-meter ton over the border of Marginal Pinheiros.

José Auriemo Neto has led JHSF’s pursuits in office buildings, accommodations and public improvements. He continues working hard to ensure that the company constructs more malls and open hotels in other capitals in Brazil. He also targets a number of the world’s metropolitan cities. His work is catching up with the growing economic market in Brazil.

JHSF has a shopping portfolio and complex that is administered by José Auriemo Neto. Jose is also the chairperson of the board of directors at JHSF. He rarely has social time and when he does, he spends the time with family or playing golf.

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