Lori Senecal is famed to be a world class manager and organizational pillar at CP & B Company. Since her arrival in the company they have never lost even a single customer. She took over the leadership role in 2015. Lori Senecal has made the company to grow and expand it financial status. The company has won various accounts on her watch including the American Airlines.

Lori Senecal presently serves as the CEO and the President of CP & B. Lori has come up with a world management structure and communication platform for the company. She was the CEO of MDC Partners Agency before joining CP & B LLC. The CP & B co-founder Chuck Porter believes in Lori Senecal leadership abilities. He says Senecal is the perfect match for the job. From Lori Senecal record she has been a successful manager and a leader over years.

Her experience, leadership skills and expertise has landed the company into another level. In 2015 she brought American Airlines into her Agency which was a fruitful move for the company, says AdWeek.com. In her watch CP & B snagged the American Airlines` account away from TM Advertising, putting in mind that TM had been in handy with American Airlines for over two decades. Snatching a large company like that one from a competitive firm was an excellent work.

Lori Senecal is scheduled to retire this year. Therefore, Lori Senecal and the chairman Porter have developed and come up with the next management generation. Danielle Aldrich is being linked to be the President of CP & B Company`s branches in different regions. He was also the part of the team that landed American Airlines account to the firm.

Lori Senecal believes that having committed leaders in every CP & B offices will make company to be more firm and successful. She has elevated region leaders to better share resources across their offices so as to bring creative talents who will serve clients efficiently.

In her career course she served at KBS + a subsidiary firm of MDC Family Company. Lori also served as the president at McCann-Erickson. She has led accounts in various companies including Coca-cola, Nestle and BMW. Read more about Lori and her achievements on nytimes.com.