Mrs. Betsy DeVos was appointed by President Trump and later confirmed by the U.S Senate to head the education department. She was the most suited person to fill this position due her involvement in reforming the education sector in order to accommodate all children in America regardless of their background. Because of her involvement in politics, Betsy created Great Lakes Education Project, a political cause aiming to bring reforms within the education sector in order to expand the number of charter school in the state of Michigan. Between 2001 and 2002 after the start of the movement, people began to realize it was a success and they thought it was the right time for the program to be rolled nationally. After this initiative, Mrs. DeVos was involved with American Federation for Children (AFC), a political movement started by her husband Dick DeVos and his friend.

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Betsy worked together with other supporters of school-choice to inform parents and the public at large about the need of embracing educational choice program for their children. According to Betsy, the tax-credit scholarship initiative has been very successful in the state of Florida. The program continues to expand with over 50,000 students benefiting from the program. Mrs. DeVos further added that Louisiana and Indiana were also making good progress, and she believed the two states have potential of serving close to a million students annually. Through a variety of initiatives, Mrs. Betsy DeVos has engaged with leaders who are willing to support her causes by ensuring the right legislation are passed. Betsy explained that they partnered with other local organizations including churches to create awareness among all parents as a way of ensuring the message has reached the grassroots. Betsy is fighting for adequate freedom in the education system in the U.S., and eliminating all barriers that affect certain students solely because of the zip code of their homes.

Betsy DeVos Professional Background

Mrs. Betsy DeVos became interested in matters to do with education at an early age, as her mum was a teacher at a public school. She witnessed leaders in her home area working hard in order to support and increase learning opportunities for students. Since then, Betsy developed the interest of fighting for better educational options for children across the country. She had served as a school mentor assisting students, parents and educators in Michigan. She graduated from Calvin College with BA degree. Before assuming her role in the Cabinet, Betsy was an executive at The Windquest Group. She has served on boards of different organizations such as ArtPrize, Kids for Hope USA, Mars Hill Bible Church, Performing Arts and Kendall College. Her objective is to ensure children in the U.S. have access to quality education. Visit Betsy’s profile on