Roberto Santiago has made some great strides in Brazil with his investment endeavors. He has managed to create a shopping mall that has a little of everything for everyone. He has created one of the largest shopping malls in all of Brazil, and this has been something that has given the native and tourists something to talk about.

This is a very all-inclusive styled mall that has everything from clothing stores to bowling alleys and movie theaters. It really has become a big attraction in Brazil because it gives people access to a lot of things all under one roof. What Roberto Santiago wanted to do was create a phenomenal shopping space where tourists could also hang out with friends if they wanted to bowl or go to movies. There is also a conference room available. That can be used for business meetings at parties. Read more on

There really are not a lot of malls in Brazil or anywhere else in the world that are as extensive as what Robert Santiago has created. This mall has over 2,000 parking spaces and consumers that come here will instantly recognize that this is the place to go if they are trying to do a multitude of things without running all over Brazil. Some people like to have all of their shopping and entertainment combined in one place. They might not want to roam from one area to another in hopes of finding something else to do with their time. People that are not familiar with Brazil may want to come to this place where they can get everything done all in one stop. This is what the mall that Roberto Santiago created has done for consumers. It has given them a chance to see the best of what Brazil has to offer in concerns to shopping centers.

Roberto Santiago has ventured into other areas of business, but the shopping mall that he created in Brazil may be the real estate that he is best known for. His other Investments pale in comparison to the time and effort that he put into creating one of the largest shopping malls in the world. He has been successful in bringing lots of different shopping stores and food choices to this mall. It is a must-see attraction for anyone that is visiting Brazil. It has an unbelievable amount of options for people that are looking for a chance to be entertained. Read more on

The real estate industry is Brazil is hot, and Roberto Santiago has made a lot of wise investment choices. He has put a lot of time into building up his investment, and he has been very profitable with this investment property that is favored by many tourists.