Roberto Santiago is one of the most visionary entrepreneurs. He has gained a lot of recognition both in Joao Pessoa and beyond. This is for his business success and the keen eye for opportunities, which he capitalizes for both his interest and that of the people.



Those that have heard about Roberto Santiago mostly know him for his Manaira Shopping Mall. The Manaira Shopping mall opened its doors in the year 1989, following two years of construction. Through the years, the mall has undergone numerous expansions, making it one of the best entertainment hubs in the state of Paraiba and also one of the biggest malls in the area.



The Manaira Shopping Mall is strategically located in the beaches of the North Coast of Joao Pessoa. The mall has approximately 280 stores and 75,000 meters squared gross leasable area. Tall your entertainment, shopping, banking, eating and relaxation needs are catered for at the mall.



If you happen to be in Joao Pessoa and are looking for a cool place to have fun, the Manaira shopping will not let you down. If you are with friends, you can try the mall’s gaming station, which has over 200 gaming machines. Also, the gaming area has a bowling area for your bowling night needs.



At the mall, you will also find cinemas showing your favorite latest movies. There are about 11 cinema rooms, of which three are VIP rooms. The cinema rooms are equipped with 3D technology, heightening your watching experience. To ensure that you have a great view of the screens, the cinema seats are arranged in a stadium style so that nothing bars you from having the perfect view.



The Domus Hall is also a great place to entertain yourself. This hall is located on the rooftop of the Manaira building. It is considered to be the largest conference area in the city. It can hold a capacity of 10, 000 while standing. This hall is suitable for conferences, cultural exhibitions, wedding receptions, and graduation ceremonies etc.



About Roberto Santiago


Roberto Santiago was born in Paraiba and has committed himself to doing the area proud. He is a graduate of the University Center of Joao Pessoa and FAAP. After completing his education, Roberto Santiago got a job at the Café Santa Rosa. The man who once served coffees beat every odd to become the wealthy businessman that he is today.



He started by using savings from his first job, to start a cartonage business. The small cartonage company and other ventures gave him enough capital to buy a piece of land in a remote area in Joao Pessoa and there is where he built the Manaira Shopping Mall.