My job is arresting suspects who either skipped bail or are wanted fugitives. Arresting a suspect is harder when they have a huge network of friends who are willing to protect them from getting arrested. The one thing that we have working for us is that we can afford to make several mistakes in the pursuit, but if the suspect makes only one, they are caught and go right to jail.


This year I was in charge of finding a violent gang leader who was supposed to be sentenced but bolted from the jail during his hearing and was suspected to be on the way out of the country. Once they leave the country, the chances of getting them diminish significantly, so time is definitely of the essence here. Without any leads from friends or family and no informants ringing my phone, I had only one resource left that I decided was going to work or this case was lost.


I raced to the local prison where I knew many of this suspects associates were still housed. Securus Technologies recently added a new inmate call system in the jail that was able to monitor calls unlike ever before. Not only could we uncover conversations about our suspect, the software would alert us if any conversations were about his escape, plans, or talks with associates. Happens to be that the system alerted my team that a low-level gang banger who was just arrested and in the jail was talking about seeing the suspect the night before he was arrested.


Our team scrambled to that location in the hopes of collecting evidence, when we found our suspect running from the scene to a waiting car. The chase was on, and thanks to Securus Technologies, this suspect was caught thanks to one of his own talking too much.