Prisons are dangerous places. Many people believe that just because prisoners have been locked up in a facility that’s heavily guarded by tall walls, barbed wire and cars with guns that this means they have ceased to live a criminal lifestyle. However, nothing could be further from the truth.


The fact is that the nation’s prisons are riddled with crime. From the smuggling of relatively innocuous contraband, such as pornographic magazines or brands of food that are not permitted inside the facility, to much more serious infractions, such as the importation of heroin into the facility or the ordering of hits on the outside, the nation’s prisons are wracked with criminal activity.


One company has created a suite of tools that help the guards at the nation’s prisons combat this inherit tendency of inmates to continue their criminal lifestyles while incarcerated. JLG Investigator Pro uses state-of-the-art technology, such as machine learning, automatic transcription and automated monitoring functions to help guards prioritize the cases that they look at as well as determine what the root causes are behind any criminal activity taking place within the institution.


The system packs a powerful punch, with the ability to automatically recognize the voices of any parties taking part in communications over prison devices. It provides guards with the ability to flag certain undesirable or suspicious people, alerting staff, automatically, whenever those people appear on prison communication lines.


The system is also capable of automatically monitoring all conversations that take place over the prison telephone systems or video visitation devices. With the deployment of highly sophisticated machine learning technologies, JLG Investigator Pro is able to automatically sift through conversations, picking out anything out of the ordinary or that looks suspicious, such as the use of cold words.


Technologies like these are helping to keep do United States prison system safer than it’s ever been before.