UKV PLC specializes in acquiring and selling the world’s most valuable and unique brands of wine and champagne including the Grade Luxury Fine wine. Currently, the company is headquartered in Croydon in UK. It comprises a small group of consultants who are experts in the fine wine trade. They are well conversant with the market and offer advisory services on the best wine and champagne available in the market.

UKV PLC is an independent company that is not bound to any particular supply chain. It works with a large number of merchants, brokers, and traders to draw out or source wine and champagne stock that is highly sought-after or unusual. Its main operations revolve around the acquisition, supply and sale of fine wine and champagne on its trading platform on behalf of trade and individual customers.

The company’s objective is to guide its clients to acquire the best wines and champagnes for any type of investment or occasion. They are, therefore, a good source of information all aspects of wines and champagnes including the provision of the same. The wine market is expanding tremendously and is being particularly driven by BRIC markets. These are emerging markets that are currently involved in investing and drinking of wine. Wines are valuable products which are now performing better than other investment instruments. The wine is usually supplied for consumption or investment. They also provide brokerage services to clients who wish to sell investment grade champagne or wine in UK-regulated bond.

Investment grade wine can be equated to property ownership. These are wines that have intrinsic value that can only be compared to owning a property in an upmarket location. The wine industry remains hugely unregulated making wine prices to fluctuate from time to time. However, UKV PLC is not a financial consultant and cannot provide information or guarantees about price increases or value of wine. Nonetheless, the company is in a position to secure wine depending on the wishes of the client. The company is able to make you discover highly valued brands of wines produced by well-renowned vineyards all over Europe.