The QI Group is a multilevel marketing and e-commerce juggernaut. It was started as a very small company in 1998 in the Philippines by Malaysian native Vijay Eswaran. When Eswaran started the QI Group, many people doubted it could succeed. But Eswaran never lets other people’s doubts stand in the way of his success.

So he undertook the herculean task of building a successful company from almost nothing. All he had was his strong work ethic, a vision for the company and the determination to make it succeed. Eswaran toiled for a decade but eventually the company became incredibly prosperous. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

Vijay Eswaran understood that even though times were hard and money was tight, people would purchase quality products at affordable prices. He trained a virtual army of independent marketing representative and sent them into every city, small town and remote village with the products the QI Group offered.

The marketing representatives came from impoverished backgrounds, so they were highly motivated. Selling QI Group products would improve the quality of life for them and their loved ones. Plus, the products they were offering were things people wanted and needed.

Soon people were clamoring for QI Group products. The marketing representatives became prosperous entrepreneurs and the QI Group began to grow. It was remarkable. Even with Asia just beginning to climb out of its economic doldrums, the QI Group was prospering.

People embraced the company because as its resources and wealth increased both Eswaran and the company began giving vast amounts to charity. At one point Vijay Eswaran had given so much to charity that Forbes Asia voted him one of the 48 Heroes of Philanthropy.

Great wealth has not changed Eswaran. He continues to give back to the community in many diverse ways. He speaks at economic conferences and universities. He has written articles and books designed to inspire the masses.

He has founded two philanthropic organizations through which he gives to charitable organizations and people in need. When praised for his giving Vijay Eswaran said giving to the less fortunate is something he learned from his parents and his community.